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  • 5 April 17، 13:03 - ahmad

Many of those who initially aspire to profit from the Internet see shortcut sites such as, or as the most convenient and easy way to profit from the internet and get capital. However, the problem in these sites is that the price of watching or clicking Arabic is weak Very much, it may reach $ 0.7 per thousand views of Arabs in the sites and this price is not encouraging at all .. So in this post I will know you the best alternative to and other sites links shortcut at all .. The price of 1000 views (CPM) ) To $ 3 in Morocco and Algeria .. $ 5 for Saudi Arabia and Oman .. $ 4.5 for Egypt ......, and this wonderful site has several features of the sheep also Nha:

Cost Per Thousand View CPM
- $ 8 full for the United States
- $ 6 for Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, UAE, China ...
- The prices of the Arab countries and some of them mentioned earlier
- $ 2 for the rest of the world and the other is not mentioned in the site yet
-> You can see the full prices at the following link:  Publisher Rates
Minimum withdrawal: $ 3 only on PayPal, BTC and Payza

: Other advantages

- Profit rate from the Riviera or assignment up to 30%
- The advertisement page is free of pop-up advertisements and does not bother visitors
- Easy to use interface
- Easy messaging support and quick answer
- Honesty and non-delay in sending payments
- .... and unlimited features

( Method of Request for Withdrawal and Proof of Payment (Second

Note: You must fill out the private information in Settings -> Profile

First we go to the Withdraw payment page


Then click on Withdraw

Then a pop-up window appears, pressing OK

The payment is then successfully requested

We now wait a few hours (in only half an hour) and the situation changes to 'Completed' after 'OK'

Here is proof of payment
 : Registration link