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WinRAR 5.50 Beta 1 + Crack

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1. “Name encoding” submenu in “Options” menu allows to select encoding for archived file names. This selection affects archive       browsing and extraction commands. You can use Ctrl+E keyboard shortcut to access this menu quickly.
It can be useful when unpacking an archive without Unicode file names. For example, unpacking a zip file with Chinese archived names in Windows with Russian specified as a language for non-Unicode programs.

2. If RAR recovery volumes (.rev files) are present in the same folderas usual RAR volumes, archive test command verifies .rev contentsafter completing testing .rar files.
If you wish to test only .rev files without checking .rar volumes,you can select .rev files in WinRAR file list and apply “Test”only to them or run in the command line.:   rar t arcname.part1.rev

3. While NTFS file system permits file names with trailing spacesand dots, a lot of Windows programs fail to process such namescorrectly. If “Allow potentially incompatible names” optionin “Advanced” page of extraction dialog is turned off, WinRAR removestrailing spaces and dots, if any, from file names when extracting.

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WinRAR and the RAR file format have evolved over time. Support for the archive format RAR5, using the same RAR file extension as earlier versions, was added in v5; files in the older RAR file format are now referred to as RAR4. WinRAR versions before 5.0 do not support RAR5 archives. The RAR5 file format added some features, but removed comments for each file (though archive comment still remains), authenticity verification, and specialized compression algorithms for text and multimedia files. RAR5 also changed the file name for split volumes from “archivename.rNN” to “archivename.partNN.rar”. The RAR5 file format increased the maximum dictionary size to 1 GiB; 11 different compression directory sizes from 1 MiB to 1 GiB are available, with the default in version 5 increased from 4 MiB to 32 MiB, typically improving compression ratio. AES encryption, when used, was increased from 128- to 256-bit. Maximum path length for files in RAR and ZIP archives is increased to 2048 characters. Options added in v5 include 256-bit BLAKE2 file-hashing algorithm instead of default 32-bit CRC32, duplicate file detection, NTFS hard and symbolic links, Quick Open record to allow large archives to be opened faster.

Download links :

- 32-bit version of WinRAR 5.50 Beta 1.x86

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